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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Kickboxing for women

Kickboxing is an exciting way to get a great workout, and to learn useful martial arts techniques without having to engage in actual combat with others. It will help you to overcome the boredom of training at the gym every day.Kickboxing improves the efficiency and strength of your heart, blood vessels and lungs, which of course provides your body with greater endurance and overall health. Other benefits include better balance, muscle tone, strength, flexibility and fast reflexes. Kickboxing workouts can also help you look better by helping you burn stored body fat. Kickboxing can be a cardio based form of training, meaning it uses oxygen to burn calories and fat efficiently.
Kickboxing classes are intense and help you train at a pace that will allow you to get the most benefit from your workout. While the average aerobics class helps burn between 200 and 400 calories per hour, the typical intense kickboxing class burns from 500 to 800 calories.
There are several other benefits of trainig at a good Kickboxing club. Confidence building is partucularly important for women who have never studied a Martial Art and can confidently learn several tachniques that are most imortant in self-defense.
Kickboxing will also help you fight stress. As I normally say, nothing takes out of you more than hitting the pads!. Most peoplewill achieve a greater level of self-confidence, awareness and general well-being with consistent Kickboxing training.
Give it a try! You'll lose that extra weight, improve your muscle tone and atain an all round healthier lifestyle. In essence, spend less time in the gym and more time hitting the pads!

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